Employees visit LOA Preschool for Community Helper Day

In case you missed it in the newspaper:

Dr. Craig Colby and Brittany Jackson, who work together at TenderCare Clinic of Lake Oconee, visited the preschool at Lake Oconee Academy on February 12th. Dr. Colby’s daughter, Lillie Mae, and Brittany’s son, Jayace, are in the same classroom, so they received a special visit from their parents as part of Community Helper Day. Colby works as a family medicine doctor and rotates as a hospitalist at St. Mary’s Good Samaritan Hospital, and Brittany, who holds a diploma degree in phlebotomy, is a medical assistant full-time at the Lake Oconee office.

Dr. Colby showed the students his doctor’s bag and the different tools that are used in the doctor’s office, such as a stethoscope and a thermometer. Brittany demonstrated to the students how she takes blood pressure and temperature as a nurse, showing them that visiting the doctor is not scary.

Each child had a chance to participate in an activity where one had a mock “illness” that another student would treat. Some students had swallowed pennies or gotten items stuck in their ears, while others sprained their wrists or needed wart removals. Each scenario showed the children that visiting the doctor helps you feel better when you are sick. The children loved playing pretend doctor, but they also learned all about the doctor’s office and the roles of community helpers in the medical field.