There are several options to get to us!

Greene County Public Transit service: 706-453-2321

Putnam County Public Transit service: 706-485-6355

Baldwin County Public Transit service: 478-445-2941

Please visit our pharmacy to refill, or call the office of your provider to speak with the desk nurse. You may need a follow-up appointment with your provider if your refills have run out. You are also able to ask for refills through our Patient Portal, found here.

Yes, you may visit our Providers tab to view our providers’ biographies. If you are in need of an immediate or same-day appointment, seeing your preferred provider will be based on appointment availability.

Please see our Contact page for hours for our locations.

Yes, we have bilingual translators. We are able to translate for Spanish-speaking individuals and families. Call 706-453-1201 and choose option 2.

Sí, tenemos traductores bilingües. Somos capaces de traducir para individuos y familias que hablan español. Llame al 706-453-1201 y elija la opción 2.

Referrals are made by primary care providers. Please speak with your provider at your next appointment, or call our staff.

You are able to request or cancel appointments on our patient portal here. You may also call our office to schedule appointments. See our Contact tab for phone numbers.

Oconee Valley Healthcare has Care Plan Coordinators at each location that see patients for care management. This includes, but is not limited to, disease management for diabetes and hypertension, exercise plans, weight management, healthy eating and nutrition, community resources, patient assistance programs for prescriptions, and more! Ask to see the Care Plan Coordinator after your appointment.

Yes, we provide complete women’s healthcare at our offices.

Oconee Valley Healthcare has four main locations in Georgia- three in Greensboro and one in Milledgeville. See our Contact page for all addresses and contact information. You do not have to live in Greene or Baldwin county to see our providers. We also see patients in St. Mary’s Good Samaritan Hospital and six local nursing homes.

Although we operate as a primary care facility, we have grants that make our prices lower and our services better. Community health centers are local non-profit health care centers that provide services in underserved areas where care is limited. See About Us to learn more about Federally Qualified Health Centers.

Oconee Valley Healthcare is not a free clinic. We operate as a typical primary care facility and take all major insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid. We also have a discount program for eligible patients. Based on income and family size, patients are placed on a sliding scale for fees. Certain documents are required to apply for sliding scale. See the Insurance section for the application. Oconee Valley Healthcare’s mission is to make healthcare affordable and accessible for every patient and family. We expect patients to pay according to ability.