TenderCare Dental continues successful Dental at Preschool days

TenderCare Dental and Dr. Corey Woodard continue to have Dental at Preschool days with children who attend TenderCare Preschool. The program has run for over a year and a half now, serving many children of varying ages in the preschool. On Tuesday, February 26, the dental department once again turned a preschool room into a dentist office just for children, making it fun and entertaining. The TV was playing a video of Elmo brushing his teeth, and dental students from Augusta University were coloring with the children and helping them brush stuffed animals’ teeth.

On this particular day, children less than 2 years old were introduced to the dentist chair! Dr. Woodard and the senior dental students assisted the children in brushing, gently looked at the children’s mouths, and even applied a kid-friendly vanilla cupcake flavored fluoride varnish. The program is designed to keep the children calm in their own environment, and enjoy keeping up with their oral health. For questions or interest in the Dental at Preschool Program, or to schedule an appointment with TenderCare Dental, please call 706-454-5114.