TenderCare Clinic to become Oconee Valley Healthcare

TenderCare Clinic is delighted to announce that our company name is changing effective January 1, 2020 to Oconee Valley Healthcare. The name change allows us to present ourselves to all of our patients as truly the most trusted and complete healthcare establishment in the Oconee Valley region.

As we are approaching our 20th anniversary as a health center, we want to make sure all people are more knowledgeable about what we offer. Our goal is to provide a variety of healthcare services, including medical, dental, pharmacy, wellness, and behavioral health, into the entire Oconee Valley area. The robust services and locations we provide for our communities were simply not captured by the former name.

Our renaming will not affect our quality of service that we provide to our patients, nor will it affect our leadership or staff. We are still dedicated to serving you and your health needs. We look forward to sharing our new look with you over the next few months!

Dave A. Ringer, MD, CEO and Executive Leadership Team

Oconee Valley Healthcare